Sepahan barcode solutions                                        
  • Goods labeling
  • Record Labeling and Product Information 
  • Weighing and record labeling product
  • Warehouse management based on barcode 
  • Collection of product information
  • Tracking materials and components
  • Property management and fixed asset based on barcode
  • Barcode meter reading
  • Capillary distribution 
  • Managing of sales part
  • After sales service management
  • Treatment management (patient tracking)
Goods labeling:
Operation of design and printing of labels for attach to the products or product packaging that contains variable information from such as text, graphics or barcode. These processes are done by label printers or barcode printers.
Record Labeling and Product Information: 
Registered operation products information in database and printing label required for attach on them which can identify and track the location. It is often used in product packaging In addition to the Label printing products, with a final record of Statistics, various required reports to provide this information for users. 
Weighing and record labeling product:
Is used for products such as yarn, fabrics, tea, chemicals materials and information registration that used to weigh the packages and also details of the product weight are transferred to the system through digital scale and record in the database can be printable on the product label. 
Warehouse management based on barcode:
The repository system which records the entry and exit of goods from the warehouse (document storage) automatically and using portable equipment called a handheld to scan and record printed barcode on labels. This system provides the other required possibility including serial number , warehouse management (Introduces basic data) and receiving or passing stock document to flow of goods in the warehouse.        
Collection of product information:
Using portable data collection equipment to collect information of the different product lines such as statistics in flow of construction, staff lines, stop lines and their causes, waste statistics, then transfer them to a central system and recorded in the database for production control and online monitoring data from various reports.
Tracking materials and components:
Using barcode based inventory management mechanism in the storage of raw materials and also final product in, semi-manufactured in required time, with connection of product delivered to materials for that product series , Complete identification of products that contain summary of information which is about materials or components used in its production will be obtained. In various stages of production equipment using a portable barcode reader can gather other information needed to complete the tracking process can be transferred to the database. Material from the moment of arrival until departure factory is detectable and controllable in the final product, so let's go back in there records searches and track bugs and problems will be easily done. The system also features a variety of management reports and monitoring data collected (the recording online by using wireless network facilities) are provided. 
Barcode meter reading:
This is the solution that subscriber's meters have barcode plaque and Meter reader can record refer to the location of the joint operation of current meter via meter reading barcode portable data collection device. 
Possibility to control the amount of tasking according to latest recorded static for each subscriber.
Control of performer's reading meter 
Reduce data entry errors and increase the speed of data collection, including the features of this system
Capillary distribution:
In these systems, a portable data collection disposes of each component part for recording data related to operations to the sale or sales to customers. Each customer has barcode plaque at the store which they previously have been installed on the local store. The distributer must go to the customer site to read barcodes plaque and other relevant data entered by scanning barcode or keyboard to the device. Possible to determine the sale's way, along with additional information Clients, reduce data entry errors, speed up the collection and transmission of data to the central system and control distribute performance agents (or visitors) are the main characteristics of this system.
Managing of sales part:
Barcode-based system, which includes sales invoicing customers using barcode reading products purchased will be issued and registered in the system. The system also optimizes inventory management, sales centers and warehouses, the fund features, print customer receipts, accounting, sales obtain various reports, and monitoring sales performance, sales operators can also be useable benefit.
After sales service management:
In this system, after sales services after scanning the barcode serial number and product ID in the database system has to provide, record into database and added to product ID. Access to product information, reduce errors in registration information, check the official after-sale service, and failure to obtain prompt reporting of problems and ... Among the features is the use of these systems.
Treatment management (patient tracking):
During the admission of patient in hospital the Medical Centers label barcode printed in the reception area and the wrist strap is attached to the patient's wrist. Ability to identify and track the patients provided in different units of medical Centre. The medical services provided to the patient after his scan barcode data recorded by portable equipment will be stored in electronic records online through a wireless network. Doctors can also use this portable medical diagnostic equipment and drug prescriptions for patients in the patient record system and other services that should be provided to monitor and manage. Increase the accuracy and speed of treatment processes, get instant access to complete patient records, medical authorities control function, Several reports from management and monitoring data at the same time, improve the utilization of the advantages of this system are in the hospital. In this system, all after sales services after scanning the barcode serial number and product ID in the database system has been provided again, the database record is added to the product ID Access to product information, reduce errors in data entry, performance control authorities after sales service and failure to obtain prompt reporting of problems are the features of these systems.